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Kami Corban grew up in San Marino, California, a city that Forbes Magazine ranked as the sixty-third most expensive area in the United States. The author has a bachelor of arts in psychology from Duke University and a master of arts in English from University of California at Davis. She lives in Oregon and is working on a novel.




Ex-Rich Girl Tells All   by Kami Corban

In her high-velocity memoir, Kami Corban lays bare the high life and dark times of a Los Angeles girl who had every possible advantage, only to see it ripped from her in record time. What was left in the place of privilege and promise takes her on a journey of survival, resilience and mystery. As Kami sets out to graduate from Duke University and live happily ever after with her college boyfriend Tucker, she finds herself instead at the receiving end of a letter from her mother declaring divorce, and her own prospective husband decamping to England. This quickly propels the author into an onslaught of misadventures that span the resorts of England, the mountains of North Carolina, and her lavish hometown of San Marino, California. Along the way, the bodies accumulate as her spirit wanes, from a brutish Brit named Philip to the scholarly Rhodesian Chitsaka and the tormented Cherokee Chane. With the onset of her parents’ divorce, Kami must cope with the fallout financially and emotionally, while she learns the tools to forge a new sense of self. As she hones in on the unvarnished truth of her life circumstances, readers experience how hope can shore up the most spiritually destitute. With its fast-paced litany of dashed expectations and dazzling surprises, Ex-Rich Girl Tells All is a searing, redemptive story that demonstrates how a full heart is entirely independent of a full wallet. It will resonate with anyone who may question whether money is really the answer.


Ex-Rich Girl Tells All is available in eBook and Print at Amazon and Barnes and Noble at the following links: