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Social Media Today.com - If you are thinking of starting or restarting a blog this year, make sure you visit this site. It not only has a fantastic 101 tips guide on blogging for beginners but also covers other hot topics for today's blogger, including infographics and best blogging practices.  http://socialmediatoday.com/

Six Word Memoirs - If 200 words for a work of fiction seems hard, try the six word memoir challenge at this site. Or try writing about any of their other topics in just six words. A fun, challenging and addictive writing site.  http://www.sixwordmemoirs.com/index.php?test=1

Top Graphic Novel Reviews.com -  This site goes into detail on how to write graphic novels and how to set about getting them published. http://www.topgraphicnovelreviews.com/how_write_graphic_novels.html

Thereviewreview.net - A site where you can find out all you need to know about literary magazines: who edits them, what they publish, what they look for etc. http://www.thereviewreview.net/

The Book Designer, by Joel Friedlander - Though this blog is aimed more at the pro self-publisher, it's absolutely packed with information on all forms of self-publishing, subsidy publishing, print-on-demand and any other type of "DIY" publishing. If you're thinking of handling your book yourself, this is the place to start to find answers on what the best approach to DIY publishing would be for your specific project. It's also a good place to find out how not to get scammed by the many companies that promise the moon - but simply want your money.  (For that info,start here: http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2011/05/subsidy-publishing-proceed-with-caution/ or visit their main site here: http://www.thebookdesigner.com

Sitcom.co.uk This site is for anyone who wants to learn how to write a British sitcom.  It has articles, interviews, hints and tips and a newsletter. http://www.sitcom.co.uk/writers/

Afterdeadline.com This is a treasure of a blog about grammar, language usage and style written by Philip B. Corbett, Associate Managing Editor for Standards at the New York Times.  http://afterdeadline.blogs.nytimes.com/

Here to Create  This site, about all things creative, has a great section entitled 102 Resources for Fiction Writers, which is a great treasure trove if you are struggling with you characters. http://www.heretocreate.com/2007/11/01/resources-for-fiction-writing/

The Writer’s Forensics Blog  So you want to make sure that you get the medical info right on your murder mystery or need to know cause or manner of death for your novel or short story.  Make sure that you check out this blog to get your facts straight.  http://writersforensicsblog.wordpress.com/  

The Itch of Writing  This is a blog by British novelist Emma Darwin which I came across recently and have already bookmarked. It is, in Emma's words, about "Writing, reading writing, teaching writing and sometimes hating writing," and is full of fantastic advice, musings and resources on all aspects of writing.  http://emmadarwin.typepad.com/thisitchofwriting/

Mystery Writing is Murder  This site by cozy mystery author Elizabeth Craig is full of tips and advice for mystery writers, including a roundup of useful Twitter posts each week.  Scroll down through the posts and get advice on writing cozy mysteries, naming characters and writing for the marketplace. http://mysterywritingismurder.blogspot.co.uk/

SucessWorks  This is a great blog for copywriters and would-be copywriters by expert copywriter and SEO expert Heather Lloyd-Martin.  I learn something from this every week! 

Fiction Writer's Mentor.com  This is a comprehensive site that tackles every aspect of fiction writing, written by experts in the field. Sign up to the newsletter and get an eBook on beating writer's block.  http://www.fiction-writers-mentor.com/

DON'T GET SCAMMED!  Choose the right Self Publishing Company for your book. What you need to know before choosing a self publishing company and the questions you should ask. http://dogearpublishing.net/self-publishing-companies.aspx

EBOOK SELF-PUBLISHING EXPLAINED  An epublishing revolution is sweeping the industry. We explain what is happening and show you how to self-publish your own ebooks. http://www.PublishYourOwnEbooks.com

New Book Journal  Authors and publishers can submit press releases about new books, awards, events, etc. free to this site. Click on the "Contact Me" button to upload information. The site can also embed trailers and cover art, plus links to Amazon.  http://NewBookJournal.com

Women of Mystery  Although this blog has been discontinued it still contains information you might find interesting along with links to various sites supported by the 10 mystery women authors. http://www.womenofmystery.net  and select the link: about the women of mystery

LadiesWhoCritique.com  A free critique partner match-making service for female writers.  Right now they're looking for writers to sign up; the site will officially open later this summer when enough interested writers have joined.  http://www.LadiesWhoCritique.com

RippingOzzieReads.com  This is an amazing site for anyone who wants to write science-fiction,horror, fantasy, steampunk or young adult. It has lots of tips written by successful authors in these fields.  They each have a blog. Have a look around, check out the visiting authors' posts and then if you have something specific in mind, use the search box towards the bottom right-hand side of the page.  http://ripping-ozzie-reads.com/



Super Summary - Writing is often improved by the tools the author uses to improve his craft and knowledge base.  Super Summary is a website that offers a large selection of resources that every writer can add to their toolbox. Spend a little time browsing the site and you'll discover the wealth of information available.  This link will take you to just one example: http://www.supersummary.com/crime-mystery-guide/

The Writing Site - This is a clearly set-out site with one aim: to help people to write better English. It has concise, readable articles on common grammar mistakes such as sentence fragments, redundant phrases and correct word usage, as well as articles on using appropriate English for your audience. http://www.thewritingsite.org/
Proposal Writing Guides -
Proposal writing is a specialized area of writing, and one for which there is some demand. Learn how to write proposals with these sites handily compiled by the University of Pittsburgh. 

The Creative Penn -  This is a fantastic blog that covers writing and publishing nonfiction and fiction in most genres.  It has a great selection of articles containing advice on everything from how to find the time to write, to how to market books. It also has many podcasts including interviews with agents.  This is well worth a visit.  http://www.thecreativepenn.com/

NewPages.com - This is another site where you can find out about literary magazines, but also about independent publishers, alternative periodicals and newspapers and writing programs.  This is worth a look through when you're hunting down new markets. http://www.newpages.com/

Humorwriters.org  Established for American humor writers, humorwriters.org has articles, interviews, tips and a newsletter. http://humorwriters.org/

Where The Map Ends   This site is aimed at Christian writers of speculative fiction and fantasy. If you sign up to the newsletter you get a great ebook entitled "The Horrific But True Psychological Stages of Writing a Novel."  The site is full of useful resources, articles and tools. http://www.wherethemapends.com/main.htm

Creativity Portal  I just found this site and will be visiting it a lot!  It is packed full of tips on how to boost your creativity, not only in writing, but in your life as a whole and has a free newsletter too.  http://www.creativity-portal.com/

CharlotteDillon.com  Although this site is aimed at romance writers, it is actually, useful for fiction writers in all genres and even nonfiction writers too.  Click on her links for writers and discover a whole load of handy resources including the handy guide to being your own editor.   http://www.charlottedillon.com/WritersLinks.html

Adventures in Children's Publishing  This blog is aimed at YA and children's writers in all genres.  It is regularly updated and covers such topics as plotting, pitching, conferences and creating a stronger manuscript.  It also runs a monthly first five pages workshop where members can critique and advise on a manuscript. http://childrenspublishing.blogspot.co.uk/

Burrst  If you feel like giving short fiction or flash fiction a go, then this is the site for you.  At Burrst.com you can submit your work up to a maximum of 1,250 words for review.  Most writers write these pieces in less than 30 minutes.  This could be a good way to warm up your muse. You don't have to post your work, but you can if you wish.  You need to be invited to join, but you can request an invite. http://burrst.com/

Book Publishers Accepting Submissions  A truly amazing compilation of links to book publishers in the US and UK, with direct links to their guidelines. The site also offers a variety of tips on finding a publisher.  http://myperfectpitch.com/book-publishers-accepting-submissions/

e Learn English Language.com  Free English Language learning site, written and webmastered by Laura K. Lawless. This site offers lessons and information about everything related to English as it is spoken around the world.  http://www.elearnenglishlanguage.com/

Mridu Khullar Relph is back and better than ever.  This award winning free lance journalist from New Delhi, India, has an online journal that offers a free monthly newsletter, plus e-courses on query letters and marketing.  http://www.mridukhullar.com/journal/

BooksandSuch blog  This is a blog written by the Books and Such Literary Agency and it is jam-packed with useful advice for writers. It covers finding an agent who is right for you, writing across different genres, publicity for your books and much more. Scroll down to find the articles that interest you the most.  You will be here awhile. http://www.booksandsuch.biz/blog/
This is another blog that any novelist would find of interest.  It is updated constantly and features interviews with published authors as well as articles and hints on tips on getting your novel published.

Query Shark If you are brave, if you are very brave, you could submit your fiction query to the Query Shark for a free critique, but be warned, she is fierce!  Make sure you read the blog posts and don't submit queries full of the mistakes she has already corrected, and yours could be the next query to go from failure to success.

How to Write Great Blog Content  With more and more jobs for bloggers being advertised and the growth of the blog set to continue, this site will help you to find ways to create blog content.  http://www.problogger.net/how-to-write-great-blog-content/