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The Klamath Writers' Guild is a nonprofit organization. 

Founded in September 1993 by a group of inspired writers, the Guild continues to help writers of all genres.  Meeting on the first and third Mondays of each month, the members offer samples of their writing for supportive criticism and encouragement.  Additional meetings for members are scheduled throughout the year with a focus on publishers, agents, and open discussion on the craft of writing.  (Due to scheduling of community meeting space we are not always able to gather on the first and third Mondays.  See our Calendar for meeting times and dates.)

The Purposes of the KWG

  • to foster and promote all forms of the Literary Arts.
  • to support other members in the craft of writing.
  • to share resources with its members in an effort to help them in their pursuit of attaining publication.
  • to sustain an atmosphere and forum that will allow its members to express themselves openly.


Any person at least 18 years of age expressing an interest in the LiteraryArts shall be elgible for membership.  (Persons under the age of 18 may request membership in the Guild.  Each request will be considered on an individual basis.) No one will be denied membership in the KWG because of race, creed, religion, gender or sexual orientation.  Annual membership dues of $30.00 will be assessed all members of the KWG.  Dues will be prorated throughout the fiscal year for new members.


Guests are welcomed at any open meeting (see Calendar for dates). Guests are allowed to attend two meetings without payment of dues, giving them the opportunity to decide if the KWG meets their writing needs.