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Pam Bainbridge-Cowan is the author of the epic fantasy novel The Butterfly, book one in the Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds series and, as P.J. Cowan, the author of the thrillers, Something in the Dark and Cold Kill. Her short stories have appeared in Alien Skin, Argus, Space and Time, Visions, and have been read on OPB supported Golden Hours Radio. She has worked as an audio producer, a magazine editor, and in criminal justice and human services. She is a member of the Northwest Independent Writers Association and a guest lecturer on novel writing at the community college. She lives in Oregon with her husband where she can most frequently be found in the company of a book, a computer, and a dog or three.

Storm Vengeance - Probation Officer Storm McKenzie leads a double life.  In one, she's a devoted wife and mother and a law-abiding officer of the court.  In the other she's driven to save innocent victims and punish abusers.  Storm Vengeance is available on Pamela's website or on Amazon.

Storm Justice - Storm McKenzie is a competent probation officer, a great wife and a loving mom.  She's also either a vigilante seeking justice or a twisted serial killer.  You decide. Storm Justice is available through Pamela's website or on Amazon

Altered Visions, is an anthology of ten stories celebrating speculative fiction.  Altered Vision is now available in both paperback and Kindle.  You can purchase all of her books through her website.  http://www.pambainbridgecowan.com/index.html

From the Foreword by Lizzy Shannon, Time Twist.  "If you’re like me you grew up with the Twilight Zone, Amazing Tales, and the original Dr. Who. Classy, complicated, character-driven plotlines. Leading characters that enthralled and fascinated. Tales told with surprising and unexpected outcomes. I’ve missed them - until now."

Other books by Pam.  

The Butterfly, Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds

A bitter young woman, Elise must convince her friends and twin sister, Elena to save two worlds.  But will her sister help save a world in which she no longer believes?

 Review by Mike Chinakos on March 8, 2012

     Reading the Butterfly is like stepping through the looking glass with Alice or landing in Oz with Dorothy... on acid.
     This original tale delves deeply into the human psyche. The characters deal with emotional and physical scars by seeking escape into the Pocket Worlds. Within the Pocket Worlds they can control their own environment as wizards; but when the rules of the Pocket Worlds begin to break down, when they begin to lose control of their worlds, then the Pocket Wizards must band together to keep their personal demons at bay and save a place that has become a haven for suffering souls.
     Pam Bainbridge-Cowan has crafted a fantasy tale both dark and uplifting; an amazing literary feat. Both adults and young readers will be attracted to this book, but I have to issue a slight warning that there is some material that would be suited only for mature young adult readers. Some of the emotional distress that the characters deal with is very adult.
     I'm waiting anxiously for the next journey into the Pocket Worlds introduced.



An Eulalona County Novel - Mystery/Thriller, 2010

Austin Ward, a woman dealing with achluophobia, a paralyzing fear of darkness, believes she's coping well with her phobia until she finds herself locked in a windowless room, and someone turns out the lights.  Austin finds a therapist to help her overcome her fears and the debilitating anxiety attacks they produce. But her search for healing is sidetracked when those around her begin to die in shockingly brutal ways. With her once safe world crumbling around her, Austin is driven to discover the killer. But who is it? Is someone seeking revenge? Has a serial killer come to her small Pacific Northwest town?  Or, has something sinister followed her from childhood, something she met once before...in the dark?


Mr. Magic, Amazon Reviewer 

"This is a "who's doing it" type murder mystery thriller that keeps the reader guessing who the killer is all the way through. There are plenty of red herrings to throw you off and at one point I had 4 suspects in mind. ...The story starts off quite slow as the author sets the scene and introduces us to the characters but the pace picks up once the killings begin. A great story with good, indepth characters. I look forward to reading more books by PJ Cowan."