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  Literally Speaking 

The Klamath Writers' Guild Newsletter.

No material published in Literally Speaking may be reprinted or posted without the consent of the author.  Unauthorized use is a copyright infringement.

  LS 2017 - 01 
Sister Spatula and the Clippers by Ed Silling — Trapped by J.C. Phillips — Terra 2 by Shirley Leggett
Download Literally Speaking edition 2017 - 01.pdf
  LS Winter 2016 
LS Winter 2016 — State of the Country Challenge - A collection of shorts and stories.
Download LS State of the Country Challenge.pdf
  LS Fall 2016 
LS Fall 2016 — Destiny and the Albino Leeches by Ed Silling - Hidden Hurt by Patricia Cane
Download Literally Speaking Fall 2016.pdf
  LS May 2016 
LS May 2016 — Alien Soliloquy by Lisa Davis - Love, Lies, and Lavender by William Huntsman
Download Literally Speaking May 2016.pdf
  LS Apr 2016 
LS April 2016 — You Touch Me, by Ken MaGee - Freedom's Price, by Shirley Leggett
  LS Mar 2016 
LS March 2016 — Cratchum of the Indies by Ed Silling; Elana by Glenn Justus
Download Literally Speaking March 2016.pdf
  LS Feb 2016 
LS Feb 2016 — The Saxophone by Jessica Bryan; Lesson Learned by Pam Bainbridge-Cowan; Need A Lift by Jean Lamb
Download Literally Speaking February 2016.pdf
  LS Jan 2016 
LS Jan 2016  Delicate Blush of the Geisha — Autumn - Visions of Earth and Heaven
Download Literally Speaking January 2016.pdf
  LS Dec 2015 
LS Dec 2015 Delicate Blush of the Geisha — Summer - Guards on Edge
Download Literally Speaking  December 2015.pdf
  LS Nov 2015 
LS Nov 2015  Delicate Blush of the Geisha — Spring - Treasure Hunters and True Samurai
Download Literally Speaking  November 2015.pdf
  LS Oct 2015 
LS Oct 2015  Delicate Blush of the Geisha — Spring -  Loyal and Disloyal
Download Literally Speaking  October 2015.pdf
  LS Sept 2015 
LS Sept 2015    Delicate Blush of the Geisha — Winter - Secrets Made; Secrets Kept
Download Literally Speaking  September 2015.pdf
  LS July 2015 
LS July 2015   Delicate Blush of the Geisha — Winter - Karma and Dharma
Download Literally Speaking  July 2015.pdf