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Lisa A. Davis writes from a remote ranch in Nevada.  She is an accomplished portrait artist,  sculptor, photographer, and a hobbyist beekeeper.  She and her husband live with a menagerie of animals, along with 60,000 to 80,000 bees, give or take a few.

 Recently she journeyed to Seoul, South Korea, to meet a friend.  They then traveled on to Thailand to tour the country and experience the culture. The trip enabled her to do research for the  completion of her second novel, Love Thy Neighbor, a comedy that is due out soon. 

Davis is also the Production Manager and Creative Art Director for Graystone Haunted Manor LLC in Longview, Texas.  She sculpts original pieces for creature design, casts and molds them, and does FX makeup.  She is currently working on the drawings for several iconic characters specifically for Graystone Haunted Manor.   When not sculpting and painting Davis is in the process of writing and illustrating her first children's book called, Boompa Rabbit and the Woolly Worm.



DARK DEEDS by Lisa Davis.

Set within the vast landscape of the New Mexico desert, Dark Deeds combines peril and theology as lives collide in a fast paced Southwest thriller.

A world renowned microchip researcher, Elaina Schroeder, is thrown into the mystical realm of an old Apache medicine man and a renegade doctor known to the local Mescalero as the White Witch from Three Rivers. Threatened by ruthless men with their own agenda, Elaina and her new band of friends must somehow conquer the supernatural forces that confront them.

Below are a few images of life on the Santa Margarita Ranch where Lisa lives with her husband, Tim, and of course their bees and animals.

Working some of the 60-80 thousand bees.

















Newborn goats, a little over 24 hours old, with their mother.
















Lisa with her new goat.