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Jean Lamb's Hatchling is now available on Amazon! 

Hatchling is the first volume in a series about Tameron dayn Sidian. Fiallyn Mor is a land full of magic, but requires it in its rulers. Tameron is the only son of the Lord Protector-but he doesn't have magic. What is he going to do? In some families, he would be adopted by a family without magic, and probably treated quite well. But his father is determined to make Tameron his heir anyway. Till Tam is almost assassinated. Then his father makes other plans.

http://www.amazon.com/Hatchling-Tameron-Dragon-Jean-Lamb-ebook/dp/B00HMTR8ZC  Purchase on Amazon for only $4.99.

Tameron dayn Sidian is the only son of the Protector of Fiallyn Mor. All his relatives, and those of the ruling class of this country, have magic. But he doesn't. How can he be his father's heir without the gifts that would make him worthy? How can he make sure the common people are heard? Wait, there's more. He finds out he does have one special gift, but it will mean he'll live the rest of his life as a prisoner, with all his partners chosen for him. What can he do now? Find out how he discovers what he must finally do. And someday he'll know what all his dreams of dragons are about.

Amazon reviews:

Alex Gosselink:  i bought this book and finished it in one sitting it a very good first book in my opinion, you have no idea how hard it is to find a good fantasy book that doesn't pander to kids or make me feel the main character is just getting dumped on. in this book the main character goes through a lot but it doesn't seem forced and he actually struggles to do what he believes I love it makes it feel more real to me

Rhonda:  Tameron is a very tortured hero in this story. He is required, at a young age, to make some difficult decisions just so he can stay alive. This is a fast paced sega with some very interesting charaters. I recommend you allow yourself time to read this because you will be completely absorbed. It was difficult to put down so I could go to bed. I am looking forward to the sequel!



Jean Lamb — A Brilliant Marriage 

Amazon review by E. P. Beaumont

Word of mouth brought me here, by way of a conversation about 3D art and cover design.

And the world being a small world, I realized I already knew the author! (I'm currently in the midst of the first book of her Ghost Ship series, which is VERY different both in genre and tone.)

But what sold me here is that the characters on the cover are 'real characters' (as in 'quirky') and then of course the blurb promises something fun, with its reversal of the 'marriage market' trope. Graceful genre bending here, in the magical land where three unlikely fantasy worlds intersect: Regency Romance a la Georgette Heyer, screwball comedy, and classic revenge tale, with the romance in foreground. The characters drive the plot, and the romantic principals both have an edge to them (being both opinionated and not classically good-looking). And yes, as the cover promises, the leaky roof is a player too, and there are semi-explicit scenes of Home Repair. I enjoyed the supporting cast as well, and wondered if this little tale will have sequels, given that Lamb hints at a number of other romances that might be in the offing.

Occasionally the period veneer thins, with anachronism in tone, but it didn't bother me because, heck, this is Regency romance, which intersects with but is not exactly historical fiction, and I was sufficiently invested in the adventure to simply know what happened next. The male lead is not a jerk, which is the biggest turnoff to me in some romances, and the intellectual, romantic, and sexual attraction on both sides is quite plausible.

In short -- fun and tasty brain candy, which kept me awake till 2 am finishing it. (Shame on you, Naughty Author with your Plot Twists and your Repartee.) And my buddies who play for Team Romance are drawing me ever deeper into their world.


A Brilliant Marriage is available on Amazon for $2.99  http://www.amazon.com/A-BRILLIANT-MARRIAGE-ebook/dp/B00DQ0QOFG/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1374610369&sr=1-1


Also available at Amazon Dead Man's Hand!

Tonio Vitor is a gambler, and likes to win. Except when he loses his family, his estate, and his face in a deadly fire. He'll do anything to gain them back, even risk his soul. He changes his name, so what he must do won't tarnish his own. But when it's all over, who is the ghost--Ravin Gambrell or Tonio Vitor?

Jefferson P. Swycaffer, author of Warsprite and The Ultimate Prey, has this to say about this book:

Take the Italian Renaissance, with powerful trading houses locked in vendettas, dueling for control of the world's wealth. Add a delicate touch of magic, in the form of a civilization where ghosts are commonplace reality. Now, follow the destinies of two young men, their parallel lives linked by a gambling debt. Love and vengeance are the heart and soul of this gripping novel of high intrigue. The reader is caught up in the emotional lives of the two protagonists. Jean Lamb shows her knowledge of trade, gambling, and the sea, and presents us with an intricately plotted novel of high diplomacy...and low knife-fighting.

The story is innovative and memorable, and the characters are real, believable, and often as frightening as anyone in today's headline news. The reader will become caught up in the adventures and challenges of Avdan Delcoros and Tonio Vitor; these two heroes are interesting, captivating, and, best of all, engaging. They are people you would be glad to meet, and they are brought to life in this book.


Dead Man's Hand is available in Kindle format at:


Or you can find it in Nook format at Barnes and Noble here: