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  Glenn's Music 
Below you'll find a sampling of Glenn's music in mp3 format that you can download to your computer.

  Songs I Wish I Had Written 

The Lady Rae — Glenn Justus

The Lady Rae was my Uncle Gus' Schooner.  He was a commercial oyster fisherman on the Delaware Bay and later on the Chesapeake.

Download The Lady Rae.mp3
  Song for a Restless Soul 

It's Time to Hit the Road Again — Glenn Justus

 And I did

Download It's Time to Hit the Road Again.mp3
  Riding for the Brand 

Billy Hawkins — Glenn Justus

I wrote this song about a friend that had an unrhymeable name, so I re-christened him Billy Hawkins
Download Billy Hawkins.mp3
  The Magic Silver Harp 

The Red Deer Maiden — Glenn Justus

A medieval ballad I wrote not long ago.

Download The Red Deer Maiden.mp3
  Erin's Green Shore 

Erin's Green Shore — Traditional Irish

I learned this tune from my Grandfather Jesse Lewis. He was a fine musician, but he always sang this unaccompanied in the Irish Sean Nos style of singing, as I have tried to do here.

Download Erin's Green Shore.mp3

Jimmie Raeburn's Farwell — Traditional

I can't remember the first time I heard this tune, but it all came back to me when Linda Dewar gave me her recording of it.
Download Jimmie Raeburn's Farewell.mp3