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Glenn Justus

Glenn was born in the West Virginia mountains, and grew up listening to the old songs that later became popular in the folk era of the sixties.

“There was always music in our home, and my mother sang on the radio with her brother. She taught me my first chords on the guitar and my grandfather taught me many songs that his parents brought from Ireland.”

Over the years he traveled throughout this country, and around the world, and met many wonderful musicians and songwriters who in one way or another inspired him to create his own style of music. (Utah Phillips, Danny Carnahan, Laura Zaerr, Maureen Brennen, Tom Clunie, Steve Gillette, Bill Boggs, James Keigher, and Donnie MacDonald, to name a few.)

“Most of the songs I write have direct bearing on my life experiences. I find it much easier to tell a story in song, than in prose, but I am working on a novel that I just might get finished one day. I am now in a position to devote more time to music, painting, writing, and other artistic endeavors. I plan to publish a book of my songs and poetry in the near future.”

Unfinished Journey A Man and His Music is a collection of songs and poems by the multi-talented musican.  Included with this collection is two CD's of original songs, over one and a half hours of music.

For more information or to order your copy, email Glenn at:


Glenn Justus is a musician's musician!  He does it all - writes, sings and performs with superb skill and exquisite taste!  Whether harp or guitar, an old ballad or one of his own, be prepared to be delighted, intrigued and just plain thoroughly entertained by this modern day bard!

            — Tom Clunie, Ashland, Oregon

I've been playing music with Glenn for more than twenty years now.  His music is a chronicle:  From his childhood in West Virginia, songs of the road, the southwest, the perils of marriage, and mystic dreams fueled by his Irish heritage.  Glenn's music provides snapshots of a man on the move through life. Thanks for sharing your experiences and imagination. 

            —  Carl Phelps

Glenn is a current day renaissance man.  He enchantingly weaves history, story, and pickin into the fabric of his songs.  Sometimes a lament, always compelling, Glenn tells the story of life in song.

            — Steve Tillson

A charismatic raconteur and a fine poet.  A gentle sweet spirit and a peaceful warrior who is humble as light being born.  A maker of miracles on a daily basis.  A true renaissance man born two hundred years too late and centuries too early.

            — Phil Studenberg


Below you will find information about his CD's and you'll be able to download a sampling of his music (mp3) on his download page Glenn's Music.  If you are interested in purchasing any of his CD's please email him at: glennjustus4570@gmail.com


Erin’s Green Shore

This was my first attempt at making a recording, and I wanted to return to my roots, and honor my grandfather Jesse Lewis, who taught me some of the tunes recorded here. I have included songs by my friends James Keigher, and Danny Carnahan as well. The picture on the album cover is one of my paintings of an old Irish farm.



I was inspired to record this album after visiting Scotland, and listening to Donnie MacDonald singing Glencoe on the bus while passing through the area where the massacre took place. I’ve included some of my favorite Scottish tunes like, Mary of the Wild Moor that my mother used to sing to me. I used my painting of Kilchurn Castle for the cover.


The Magic Silver Harp

This album is somewhat of a fantasy. My Grandfather told me a story of the Girl on Holly Mountain, and I’ve tried to retell it in song. The Red Deer Maiden is an old medieval tale about an entrancement, and again, I’ve retold it in song. The Magic Silver Harp just came to me one day, and the song almost wrote itself, that seems to happen to me a lot.  I painted the cover picture to reflect the title track of this album.


Riding For The Brand

I’ve always liked cowboy songs, for they give one a picture of what life was, or is, in the west, and bring back memories of my own time on the range. Here I have included some of my favorites, like The Texas Rangers that my grandfather taught me and Vanero’s Last Ride that my mother used to sing. I have also recorded eight of my own songs on this album. The pictures on the front and back covers are my paintings.


Song of a Restless Soul

I wanted to record an entire album of songs that I had written, and this is the result. I’ve included songs about my travels, and songs of remembrances, and songs that came to me out-of-the-blue. The painting on the CD is of haystack rock on cannon beach, out on the Oregon coast.


Songs I Wish I Had Written (and a few that I did)

Here I have recorded some of my favorite songs by other songwriters that have influenced my own songwriting. There are a lot of good songs out there, but they don’t come any better than these, to my way of thinking. I remember telling Utah Phillips that Starlight on the Rails, and Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia, were two of my favorite songs of his, and he said, “Well Glenn, you have my permission to use them any time you want.” It’s people like him that make life worth living. He is sorely missed.