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Cheryl and her sons 2010.

Cheryl came to the Writers’ Guild in January 2006, with a story, her story, several hundred words neatly printed on a few sheets of paper. Since we are a read and critique Guild, we asked her to share her simple opening unaware the next few paragraphs would have a profound effect on each of us as she lead us on a journey through the trials of her life. Cheryl calmly read with clarity and strength as she informed the group of her malady, Glioblastoma Multiforme; the most deadly type of cancerous brain tumor. As she continued to read we learned that in 1990, Cheryl graduated from Humbolt State University and accepted a position with the Rogue River District of the U.S. Forest Service protecting the environment as a wildlife biologist. Diagnosed with brain cancer in 2000, she became the endangered species and was given less than a year to live. It took most of 2006 for Cheryl to complete her book with a core group of Guild members helping wherever possible.  Her book, Life’s Mountain, empowers the reader to face difficult times with faith and love, to discover the strength to KOKO, Keep On Keeping On.

For more information about Cheryl and her amazing journey visit: http://cherylbroyles-gbm.com/

You can purchase Life’s Mountain at:

Buy at BarnesandNoble.com

Buy at xlibris.com

Buy at Amazon.com

Reviews of Life's Mountain:

by K. Milligan, Amazon reviewer.

As a mother facing terminal illness, I was greatly encouraged by the words of this author. The strength she finds in God and the joy expressed in the midst of such trials gives me hope and inspiration for my own struggle. I would recommend this book for ANYONE facing any kind of trial, not only illness. What a great example of how God can turn our struggles into great gifts. God bless you, Cheryl Broyles!

by  Matthew Turner, Amazon reviewer.

This is a wonderful, inspirational book. I laughed and I cried as I read Cheryl's story. Cheryl has a wonderful way of expressing her thoughts and feelings as she shares her journey on life's mountains. I would highly recommend this book.