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The Klamath Writers' Guild meets in the FNR Building at 403 Main Street (the corner of 4th and Main).  There is parking on the both 4th and Main streets.  You can enter the meeting through the first grey door to the right of FNR on Main Street.  It is a self locking door so if it is closed please knock.

2018 Open Meeting Dates

Guests are welcome to attend any open meeting.  Meetings begin at 6:30 PM and normally end at 9:00 PM or sooner depending on the number of writers offering work for critique.

      January — 8th & 22nd

      February — 5th & 19th

      March — 5th & 19th

      April — 9th & 23rd

      May — 7th & 21st

      June — 4th & 18th

      July —  9th & 23rd 

      August — 6th & 20th

      September — 10th & 24th

      October — 8th & 22nd

      November — 5th & 19th

      December — 3rd, is last open meeting of the year.  The 17th, will be a members only meeting at a place to be determined.